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Dr. Jeffrey Fortgang

My Practice
I entered the field of clinical psychology after working for a few years, post-college, as a pop musician and songwriter. That slightly meandering career path may have had something to do with the fact that I have never been wedded to one psychological theory or approach. Rather, I’ve integrated aspects of a variety of approaches, including behavioral, psychodynamic, and considerable familiarity with 12-step and other self-help programs, augmented during my years working in a psychiatric hospital by involvement in a trauma program and seminar. I am also quite practical and realistic (sometimes theoretical or research-based points of view don’t quite work in real life situations), and always interested in the goals and mindset of the individual who comes to see me.

In the session, I am fairly active and interactive. Probably 60% of my patients/clients are facing alcohol/ substance issues in either themselves or their family members (including adult children of alcoholics). The other 40% of my work is “general practice.” (Although I address trauma issues when present, I do not use techniques like eye movement desensitization or tapping.)  I see only adults. I do think that early life history, as well as genes/biology, are important in understanding how our psychological issues develop, but in sessions we focus mostly on the here-and-now. 

I hope this gives you some sense of how I work.  Nevertheless, if you don't feel comfortable and understood (with any therapist) after a few sessions, you may be well advised to get a consultation with another therapist.  (And if I think someone else could be more helpful to you, I will refer you.)

As a psychologist, I do not prescribe medications.  If it appears that you are a potential candidate for medications, I will refer you to a psychopharmacologist or will coordinate with your primary care physician.

Confidentiality:  What we discuss in therapy is private and confidential, aside from occasions where you provide written request or consent.  (Exceptions to confidentiality occur only in cases of imminent danger or court order.  In my practice, this has been rare.)


Over the years, I've put together an extensive list of links to informational resources (topics including depression, substance abuse/recovery, family issues, stress management, and more) on the web site of LCL, my half-time job.  Rather than re-invent them here, simply click here to review them on the LCL web site.