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Dr. Jeffrey Fortgang

Payment / Insurance

 My fees are:

  •         Initial Evaluation/Consultation           $225  
  •         Individual Session, 45-50 min,          $200
  •         Individual Session, over 53 min.       $225
  •         Individual Session, 25 min.               $120
  •         Couple/Family Therapy Session       $225
  •           [Ask about fees for other services.]

 For self-payers with financial need, reduced fees can be negotiated on sessions starting before 5 pm.

 Some people prefer not to use insurance because of the required disclosure of private clinical 
 information, or so that clinical decisions are solely in the hands of the therapist and the patient/client.

        In addition to self-pay, I am can now accept all PPO-type insurance plans, as an out- 
          of- network provider.   
        I am not an in-network provider for HMOs.  
        I am a provider for a limited number of "regular" Medicare patients.